Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Second Dog Syndrome


You know how it goes (if you've acquired a second dog).

You start to wonder where you left the lint rollers. The fur bunnies are growing in the corners of your house. There's furballs in your garden.

You wonder why he doesn't like mushrooms, apple cores and marmite, until you realise that was exclusive to first dog and not a general everydog thing.

You hear mysterious chewing sounds. You race to the vicinity of second dog. Second dog looks at you innocently. You know you'll find what he was chewing once he's finished chewing it, but until then there's nothing you can do.

You dig out an item of clothing you bought after first dog died and haven't worn since getting second dog. There is fur on it.

You remember how your house used to smell when it was dogless, but a big part of you doesn't care anymore.

Occasionally, second dog farts. Alarmed, you rush round the house in case it is More Than That, because you don't know each other well enough yet to be certain he just wouldn't.

Long silences make you suspicious. What's he up to?

Your best attempts to be furtive, spontaneous or use clever descriptive language for walks, feeding and playtimes fails miserably. Within a week second dog effortlessly knows what you are planning when.

Everything nice at 'tail height' has to be moved.

You wished you hadn't thrown out the 'designated spoon' when it comes to mixing up dog meat and biscuits.

You are grateful that cheese still appears to have universal power across the dog world to evoke rapt concentration.

Second dog falls asleep on your feet. You think 'Why did I wait so long to do this again?'


BloggingMone said...

"Second Dog" seems to be very relaxed! I used to have a dog and would love to have a new one, but at the moment that would not be a good idea. Instead of that my husband and I volunteered as "guest owners", when a dog is unhappy at the animal shelter, an old lady is brought to hospital and does not know where to put her darling, or people go on holiday and can't take their dog. As a result we are suffering from "another-dog-again-syndrome". But it is nice to see, how different they are in character. I am sure you will have a great time together!

Agent Fang said...

Thanks Mone. It must be quite heartbreaking when your resident dogs go, but good for the dogs they have a loving home to stay in.
We're still in our 'honeymoon' period - so the trainer says. I keep wondering when he's going to start eating the house, or my shoes.

flash wilson said...

What you say is SO TRUE!

Have you read my journal from when I adopted Cray?

He's getting better. The other day we managed to leave a packet of crackers on the coffee table for three days before he gave in to temptation. It's only been 2 years!!!

Flash x

Kathy Podgers said...

Just found this wonderfully written post. How very poinient! So powerful. It brought back memories of my "Good Girl" who died a year ago, 2005, thankgiving. I got second dog for Christmas. Tears came as I was reading...

thanks so much for this, Kathy and Shannon