Thursday, December 20, 2007

Complications and the Spirit of Cripmas

So, am back from my op, and guess what? I had complications. Like bone spurs, which have now been removed. Another reason I haven't been able to do any kneeling poses in yoga. Or use my knee joint. Much. I thought was having keyhole surgery, and instead I have incisions and keyhole scars galore. Get a pen and I'm a wheeling noughts and crosses board.

On a slightly surreal note, pantomime season has arrived early in Fangworld. I saw my horrible ex-rhematologist getting told off by her husband in John Lewis. ("For goodness sake! I've told you before! Can't you make up your mind?!" "Yes I can!" "NO, you can't!!!" ).

It's official folks - I have been visited by the true spirit of Cripmas!