Friday, September 22, 2006

Good Things

I haven't had time to post at length about dog training yet, but that's ok, because I've only had one session.

On other matters, I've been invited to a meeting next week. Access issues are usually a matter of course when you're working with other disabled people or organisations. The usual, "Do you have any access or dietary requirements" type e-mails go to and fro before these things and all the details are ironed out to ensure the meeting runs smoothly. I always make a point of being very clear about stuff like parking, level access for the wheelchair and so on. When it comes to the dietary requirements question, in hope and without fail, I always mention I have no special dietary requirements and I am able to eat almost, if not all types of biscuit.

It is disappointing to say the least when the host does not pick up on this, but today I received an e-mail which contained this text and so gladdened my heart

"I’ll make sure there are plenty of biscuits..."

This is a good sign. People who understand biscuits usually make good partners. I am very much looking forward to a new partnership with some true biscuit afficinados!


Charlesdawson said...

I do most sincerely trust that when you have pigged out, sorry, eaten your fill, of the biscuits, you will think to secrete a few in a handy pocket for a certain dog!

BloggingMone said...

I bet your new four legged companion will be the best biscuit afficinado one can ask for!
Hope your meeting is brightend by the existence of a large assortment and viariety of biscuits. Nibbling a buiscuit is keeping the brain cells happy and active. At least that is what I have read some time ago.

loudgirl said...


I love your blog, its really intertaining and well written, brightens a dull day at work up I can tell you!
Feel free to check mine out if you have chance, always good to see what people think.

Keep writing


Agent Fang said...

Charles and Mone: Hi. Dog is in training. He is learning that only pack leaders get biscuits. He has got a lot of fence paining and light-sabre practice to do before he may approach the biscuit tin...

Loudgirl: Thanks very much. Nice to meetcha. Please forgive my laziness to update my links, I promise I'll get round to it, and in the meantime I'll pop cross to your place and say hi.