Monday, October 03, 2005

Down To Hell And Up To Heaven

Well hello, and I'm back!

We have moved, it was... interesting, and finally today I'm back online. Yee-ha.

Nice neighbours, nice bungalow - and fish!

Yes, I am now a responsible fish owner. The poor things were abandoned with a little note saying "the fishpond pump burned out last year..." How heartbreaking is that? So Mr F and I are learning the delicate art of fish herding, seeing as half their home is stagnant water and needs a lot of weed pulling to make it into a habitable state. They are beginning to flock (gather, crowd, um, cluster?) near the edge when we feed them - for the first few days I think they thought we were birds coming to eat them.

Phew. Boxes are still strewn everywhere. The room I am in needs a new roof. But it's quiet! Quiet! (Except for MTV2 - we buckled and got Sky+...)

And the title of this post? It's what our solicitor says our ownership of the plot entails. Hell seems a lot further away these days.

More later detail later this week - got a lot of blog entries, gossip, etc to catch up on.


Timmargh said...

Good to see you're back and glad you're in your new place and getting the important things sorted (Sky+, internet connection etc.).


Gimpy Mumpy said...

Happy to see you blogging Fang :)

imfunnytoo said...

Glad you like your new spot..

Charlesdawson said...

Great to hear from you at last, Fang.

I feed my neighbour's koi when he's away - I wouldn't have believed they would come for food until I saw it happen, all of them treading water and tapping their fins with a "what time do you call this?" look around the gills.

All the best
Tam from Ouch!

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BloggingMone said...

Hi, Agent Fang is back again! I have been reading your blog for about two months. I found it through a link on somebody else's favourite blogs list and find it very interesting. As there was along silence and I did not know whether you were still reading the comments I have in the meantime felt free to put a link to your blog on my site. Hope that was OK. If not just tell me!

marmiteboy said...

Hi Fang,

Good to have you back with us.


VivP said...


I've been checking here every day. So relieved to find you still around, and blogging. Hope things will be OK for you both.

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