Monday, August 15, 2005

Loose screw

It's official - I have a screw loose.

It's in me leg though, not me head. An op I had a few years back has come back to haunt me.

This means elevating it and using my hands more to help me get around. So hands are complaining.

Not to mention a potential house move on the cards. Lots to tell. And I am a horder that will need some prising out of my nest here. Lots to do.

Soz to all I owe e-mail to - I'll try and be in touch soon.

To be honest I am also sulking cos of all this. The words 'chocolate' and 'teapot' spring to mind. Damn my messy house. Never again. I will file and sort and sell and become... minimalist. Except for books.

Hopefully Fangworld will resume normal service soon.

In the meantime, I recommend Robert Rankin's Brentford Trilogy.


Timmargh said...

I know what you mean about being a horder: when I moved house about 4 and a half years ago I thought I only had a few things I needed to take, but when I actually emptied all my drawers, wardrobe and cupboards there was a mountain of stuff I needed to sort through. Luckily, the girl I was moving in with had all the major things like furniture and kitchen appliances - all I had to provide was the TV, the hi-fi and to pay for carpets and a bed.

Gimpy Mumpy said...

Ah yes, my parents are currently moving house which means that my favorite hording location is being dismantled (and years of crummy junk is being dropped at my house).

Does the loose screw mean possible surgery? I am in constant fear of hardware breakdown (of the internal variety).

Best of luck with the screw and the move :)

kezzykat said...

Hi AF,

Thinking about you and hope that the pain and swelling caused by the screw dissipates soon.

take care with the move and look forwards to reading how you get on soon



Agent Fang said...

Hi guys,

I wonder if being a horder is part of being a crip? Of course many horders aren't, but putting things aside for a better day has escalated in my case... I remember when I was in bedsit land, it was bedding, records, books and a stereo. Oh, and a sandwich toaster.

I dunno what will happen with the screw. It was reconised by my physiotherapist recently and is stopping me from progressing with the exercise program. It has been increasing slowly so it will have to be sorted one way or another. I'm currently being referred to someone in the area I'm moving to and they may refer me on again once they've talked to the specialist in London. Mumpy, I know what you mean about hardware breakdown - I feared complications but what I'm experiencing is not the agony of instant separation or breakage my imagination might have thrown up - more of a niggle I don't want to push...

Fingers crossed we're getting a moving date this week! ;0)

Eliza said...

Hey. I hope you're feeling better and that you've just been busy moving. The screw -- agggh. This is my big fear. If they can screw in, can't they screw OUT? Gaaaah. Can't. Think. About. This. Will you need to get it fixed?

Agent Fang said...

Hi Eliza. I'm going to hospital next Friday so will know more afterwards. I just hope my old notes have caught up with the new consultant... And yes, yuk, yuk, YUK! Someone on an EDS messageboard had a similar experience and they stayed away from surgery - and it settled... hers was staples tho so dunno if I can do the same. I hope so!

gimpy mumpy said...

Fang, we will keep our collective crip fingers crossed! Best of luck.

The Goldfish said...

How's it going, Fang?

Been thinking of you and hoping everything's turning out all right. :-)

Luke said...

Are you alive?

Timmargh said...

We miss you, Fang. Please tell us you're okay ...


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