Thursday, September 09, 2004

Pottering Syndrome - It Could Be You

I have pottering syndrome. It's a complication of Having To Rest... in that I need to, but I'm really cr@p at it. I've just gotta get up and do this, that and the flippin other. And before I sit down, I've just go to... write my blog.... make a phonecall... e-mail Mr Fang a shopping list... make a trip to the freezer for ice-cream... dust the skirting board.... go and see what's just been dropped through the letterbox... rummage around for a book for when I finally sit down.... remember there's an article in yesterdays newspaper it would be nice to read - got to go and get it before I sit down... got to get a drink first... might be nice to snack on some fruit whilst lying down - hence another quick trip to kitchen... might as well put the washing machine on... oops, left washing in bedroom... answer the phone... blah... blah... blah...

Sit down. Ahhh.


Oh bugger, forgot to do washing up. Mustn't burden Mr F anymore than usually do, will just pop to kitchen and do dishes.

Pottering Syndrome is very serious.


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