Tuesday, September 28, 2004

a new impairment

i've done somethin stupid.

last week i bought a new wrist brace that said it was suitable for people with neoprene allergies.

they forgot to add 'all except agent fang' at the bottom, so after one night of very decent sleep because my wrist was supported, i woke up to a little bit of a rash. so what, i thought. put some cream on it. got on with things.

it got a bit worse. so what i thought, and applied a bit mor cream. if you've ever hada severe allergic reaction you'll be nodding about whaty happened next.

excuse my cr@p typing. combination of left hand, piriton drowsiness and poor-me-ish ness. i'm not goin to correct every mistake. please stay with me.

within a few hoursw i became the embarrased owner of an arm that looked like something off a Dr Who set.

it blistered. it glowed. it throbbed.

i told mr fang to shoot me if I started to grow antennae.

life sure is different with one hand in the air. no-one has given me a biscuit though. and i spent 5 whole minutes trying to piut a sock on this morning - before realisding IT WASN'T EVEN MY SOCK.

so now i am at home with it up in the air (cos its swollen, gotta keep it elevated). mr fang keeps yelling "YES?" at me, like i am a kid at school with my hand up. and I can't put it down for long cos it hurts. bugger. so thats a quota of 2 legs and one arm (plus brain, being drowsy) out of comission. only my left arm is completely working. and i'm still here.

daytime tv is a mixed bag as usual, although i'm slowly being hooked into neighbours, dammit. isn't that izzy a right cow? the rash of get-a-new-house-here-abroad-anywhere-change-your-life tv is appalling. for those that like where they live there's antiques-bargains-who-cares types of shows. theres even a car-boot-for-the-ones-who-can't-afford-to-buy-antiques-or-new-houses types of show. philip schofield and fern britten make a good team. richard and judy are loosing their sparkle over on channel 4, i fear, although it could be my sour grapes on not getting on 'you say we pay'. and anne robinson has definitely gone under the knife.

worst of all has got to be that show where they go round hospitals looking for victims for entertainment. is entertainment really watching some poor sod have a camera sent up his arse? do we need to know whats up there? its a good thing i have to keep an empty stomach for my antibiotics. no wonder theres so many wackos auditioning for the x factor. which i'm only watching for sharon osborne, by the way. she rocks.

gotta go. its time to grease the alien arm. i'm tryin to keep cheerful. what new mutation of skin will await me today, i wonder?

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