Thursday, December 20, 2007

Complications and the Spirit of Cripmas

So, am back from my op, and guess what? I had complications. Like bone spurs, which have now been removed. Another reason I haven't been able to do any kneeling poses in yoga. Or use my knee joint. Much. I thought was having keyhole surgery, and instead I have incisions and keyhole scars galore. Get a pen and I'm a wheeling noughts and crosses board.

On a slightly surreal note, pantomime season has arrived early in Fangworld. I saw my horrible ex-rhematologist getting told off by her husband in John Lewis. ("For goodness sake! I've told you before! Can't you make up your mind?!" "Yes I can!" "NO, you can't!!!" ).

It's official folks - I have been visited by the true spirit of Cripmas!


lilwatchergirl said...

See, this is why I refuse to work with physios who won't listen to me about my limitations and difficulties. They always know better, and we always suffer for it. Grr. Glad to hear you're recovering, though!

As for the ex-rheumy: haha. Merry Cripmas, Fang. And have a Happy, medical-model-free 2008!

Agent Fang said...

Thanks lilwatchergirl, a medical-model-free 2008 sounds lovely! The same to you too.