Tuesday, August 01, 2006

PLEASE don't let yourself in!

assisted living

I took some desperate measures lately when staying in an adapted bungalow during a working away trip. The bungalow was part of a site where people have their own place, but have care staff letting themselves in to help on a regular basis. What I didn't know at the time was that the 'vacant' bungalow I'd been allocated was the one where all the staff used to go to hang out in and have their fag breaks. And the set up was such that you couldn't lock yourself in.

The first night there I assumed I'd had a weird dream that a man was in another room in the bungalow and he had a bad cough. I distinctly remember giving myself a stern talking to regarding the non-existence of ghosts, and that I'd be better off going back to sleep than leaving my bed to investigate something that wasn't real...

...then early on in the morning, I was just coming to when I heard a someone letting herself in the front door. Before I knew it there was a strange lady standing in the bedroom wanting to know who I was and what I was doing there because she wanted to put the telly on and have a cup of tea before starting work. Eeek! Was the coughing man real? Nobody ever admitted to it.

After a further morning visit from a young Portugese gentleman who didn't seem to understand me telling him I was living and working there for a while, I decided to tape over the keyhole and attach a message with a heartfelt plea. Dunno why I took a picture of it, but there you go. No more interruptions, thank goodness, but I was slightly twitchy until I left.

I sometimes wonder if I'm unlucky when it comes to working away accomodation, or if these frequently bizarre happenings are something every disabled person experiences?


imfunnytoo said...

I'd have to say that every single darn time I go out amongst the rest of the world, whether for work or for pleasure the chances of weird stuff happening are about 40%

I'm also wondering, more specific to your post--is privacy one of those things that people with impairments don't get 'automatically' when the able do...?

BloggingMone said...

I do hope that it was just bad luck. It is really a bizarre story! It is awful to have complete strangers in a hotel room or whatever accomodation, which is supposed to be yours. It is bad enough not to be at home, so one should at least be guaranteed some privacy.

Sally's Life said...

When I complained, again, about something going wrong with the next thing/event that is meant to make my life easier, my Occupational Therapist said: these things do keep happening to you, don't they.

Feeling miffed at her insinuation, I said: no, they happen to every disabled person, all the time, but not everyone is able or willing to complain. I complain for those that cannot, so that it won't happen (!) to anyone else.

Glad you are out there Agent Fang.