Friday, July 28, 2006

itunes quiz

I stole this from The Goldfish, who stole it from Timmargh , cos I'm tired and have just come home from an overnight trip. Except for my managing to spectacularly flood the wet-room style accessible bathroom at the hotel, the accomodation was fine. (Gasp-shock-horror). I don't want to get a wet room in our bathroom at home anymore.

By the way, some of the 'total song's total are down to a selection of Mr Fang's music on my ipod, and also a couple of albums from his parents called things like 'Scottish Tranquility' that I had to add when we went on holiday with them recently. Thank God they didn't stumble across Tenacious D...

How many songs:

Sort by song title
First Song: ...So Addictive (Intro) - Missy Elliot
Last Song: Zombie - The Cranberries (snap! Goldfish)

Sort by time
Shortest Song: Passive Manipulation - The White Stripes 0:35
Longest Song: Dazed and Confused - Led Zeppelin 25:25

Sort by artist
First Artist: 60ft Dolls
Last Artist: Wilson Pickett

Sort by album
First Album: ...So Addictive - Missy Elliot
Last Album: Youv'e Come A Long Way Baby - Fatboy Slim

Top Three Most Played Songs:
1. Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley
2. Powdered Wig Machine - (from the Desert Sessions 9 & 10, PJ Harvey on vocals)
3. Celebrity Skin - Hole

Search words: - how many songs come up?
Sex - 19, including Sex Pistols, James Brown... and Spinal Tap?!
Death - 7, including Nick Cave, Marilyn Manson, and Edvard Grieg's Peer Gynt Suites
Love - 189, including Steve Earle, Nina Simone... and Whitesnake?!

(Spinal Tap and Whitesnake are Mr Fang's, I swear). And I am adding a new category just to lower the tone;

Fuck - how many songs come up? 7, Eels, Amy Winehouse, Lenny Kravitz, Tenacious D, Peaches and P J Harvey... wash your mouths out with soap and water.

Wassat, Peaches? You need more soap?


The Goldfish said...

I got three fucks; the two from Tenacious D plus Martha Wainwright, Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole. :-)

I have You have come a long way, baby somewhere, which should have been after Yellow Submarine. Perhaps I've not uploaded it yet.

Timmargh said...

I got 3 fucks - lucky me!

Becca said...

Wetrooms are seriously overrated. What's wrong with a decent roll-in shower, complete with doors to shut and a curtain? I reckon one of them and then a self-propel shower chair jobbie would do the job better for the vast majority of people, anyhow...