Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A Happy Doctor

I am gobsmacked. I've had a lot of hospital-ly to-ing and fro-ing happening at the moment, and have just got back from an (NHS) appointment where the doctor was:

a) Cheerful and jovial
b) Let me get a word in edgeways
c) Discussed some 'was if's' and 'maybes' without that kind of medical paranonia that patients may sue or take it as gospel
d) Offered to send me a copy of the consultation letter without my asking (Hoarding consulatation letters is useful because they help when applying for stuff)

and lastly

5) Is retiring in three months time


Maybe the secret is to catch them in some kind of golden time when they know their escape is imminent. He gleefully remarked that for nearly four years the hospital management has known they were going to lose several top consultants around the same time, but despite urging from these specialists, had set up no contigency plans.

'So I gave them as little notice as possible...'

Goodness gracious me.

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