Friday, May 05, 2006

A little comment confession

I've been tinkering with the comments option and now the comments are viewable.

It was only my incompetence, or more fair to say, lack of interaction with blogger lately that meant I hadn't noticed some changes have been made to comment moderation. Now things should work again.

One thing that didn't help, is that whilst I had given no e-mail address for blogger to send pre-moderated comments to, I couldn't view them online either (by clicking the down arrow on the comments moderation page). I don't think Blogger likes my Safari browser, and it will take me a while longer to update stuff on my Mac (due to recent life upheavals and consequently being behind with everything). And money, of course. Working on that one. More hotel stories coming soon...

I'm really posting to say thank you for all the kind comments I've received - now read and much appreciated. And to apologise if you've posted a comment and I haven't replied - I may not have the time to go back through them, so in short, thank you all for your condolences, and yes, I had a good easter but ate far too much chocolate, Becca, in the end, we found somewhere with good toilet pics and prompty booked it, but if you know any nice gafs in Cornwall or the Scottish Highlands for future refs let me know, and Mone, thanks for those toilet pictures... at least someone knows the importance of having a good -

I should probably just stop here.

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