Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Beyond Madness

Amongst the malestrom whirling around me, I have had a few simple thoughts:

It was a historic week last week. I feel bound to add my comments.

One old man died and two old people got married.


The Pope's coffin. I keep on hearing how simple it is. A cedarwood coffin, then two other caskets - one zinc and one oak. Then the marble slab on top... Doesn't 3 or four layers of coffin, no matter how simple, seem a little... less simple?

And did they really hermetically seal it? Why? Why?!

And Michael Jackson. Did he touch those boys? But more fundamentally, why is he hanging out, showering with, etc, etc a bunch of juveniles in the first place? Isn't that wrong from the off anyway?

And what happened to his monkey? Is it still alive?


1 comment:

The Goldfish said...

They hermetically seal the pope in (and probably do a good embalming job) so that in twenty or fifty years time they can pop him open and declare him in tip-top immaculate condition. Since it is a miracle when a body doesn't decay, this implies the person was a saint. Sometimes miracles need a helping hand and this is what that's about.

As for Bubbles he is a happy and healthy monkey in his twenties now living in a private zoo. Apparently he smacked Jackon in the face or something.