Monday, April 10, 2006

Show Us The Toilet

Right. Looking for holiday accomodation for myself, Mr F, and Mr F's parents. Mr F's Father is a member of the crip bretheren too. Lots of pictures of pretty bedrooms, views, cosy living rooms, but has nobody ever told these businesses what disabled customers really want, as a priority, is to see WHETHER OR NOT YOU CAN GET TO THE TOILET.

Are pictures of adapted bathrooms too much to ask? Maybe they ain't as pretty as a sea view, but who cares about the sea if ya gotta cross your legs?

Because frankly, (and I know this blog has a lot of toilet references, but..) if I can go to the loo, and preferably have a wash, then all the other priorities stack up from there.

Am I wrong, fellow crips?


R said...

Welcome back, Fang. Where were you looking for? I know of a couple of reasonably accessible places 'round abouts the country...

BloggingMone said...

I was sorry to hear all the bad news. As I am a dedicated reader of your blog, I have been wondering on why there were no more posts since the whale appeared in London. Hope things are going better now.
I have found a website some time ago, on which I got the opposite expression. It was all about the loo, lots of photographs and everything. Just a few pics of the actual rooms which look absolute crap in comparison to the bathrooms. It is a place in the netherlands.